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Principles for assessing and awarding qualifications

The regulators, Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and CCEA, removed their Code of Practice in August 2016. WJEC has introduced its own Principles for assessing and awarding qualifications to replace key procedures which are not included in other regulatory documents, JCQ procedures or WJEC guides.

WJEC's aim is to ensure that all candidates receive the results their performance merits when judged against the relevant specification content and assessment criteria. WJEC is committed to the following principles that underpin a high-quality assessment system and we ensure that:

  • Our procedures and systems comply with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements.
  • Our assessment instruments are fit for purpose, valid and reliable
  • Our assessment instruments are designed to make sure that all candidates are treated fairly
  • Our assessment system is transparent and there is an audit trail to support decisions taken.
  • Our staff and appointees are clear about their roles and responsibilities and have the appropriate experience, expertise and training to carry out their roles.
  • We have enquiries and appeals procedures in place to review decisions about results.

General principles underpinning the delivery of WJEC assessments

LPrinciples for assessing and awarding qualifications

Our Principles for assessing and awarding qualifications covers:

  • Assessment roles and responsibilities
  • Preparing question papers, tasks and mark schemes
  • Standardising marking and moderation
  • Awarding
LJCQ procedures

WJEC adheres to JCQ procedures and puts a duty on centres delivering WJEC qualifications to comply with the JCQ requirements in respect of the following areas:

  • General regulations for approved centres
  • Instructions for conducting examinations
  • Instructions for conducting non-examination assessments
  • Instructions for conducting controlled assessments
  • Instructions for conducting coursework
  • Special consideration
  • Access arrangements and reasonable adjustments
  • Post results services
  • Appeals
  • Malpractice