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Marking and Moderating Assessments

Our examiners are qualified and experienced teachers of the subject they are marking or moderating. They are fully trained each year to mark or moderate to our standards and requirements.

The role of our examiners and moderators

Examiners mark students' work submitted for assessment to us. Moderators review the marks awarded to students by their teachers or tutors, for internally assessed work, to ensure that they have been marked to the agreed standard.

Training our examiners and moderators

At the start of the marking and moderation period, examiners and moderators review the same selection of students' work and meet in subject groups to discuss and compare their marking or moderation, based on the mark scheme and information provided by the Principal Examiner or Principal Moderator.

Maintaining our marking standards

Throughout the marking and moderation period, a sample of each examiner's or moderator's work is checked by another experienced examiner or moderator for accuracy and consistency. Examiners and moderators are provided with feedback on their marking or moderation. Some examiners or moderators who are not marking or moderating accurately are stopped from completing further work. The work they have completed will be re-marked or re-moderated by another examiner or moderator.

Once all the marking and moderation is completed, the awarding process takes place.