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Severe Weather Questions and Answers

  • If I have an exam next week, what should I do?

    Keep revising! The exams timetable is going ahead as planned. If you think your school or college may be affected by the weather, visit their website or contact them to check what arrangements they have made.
  • What should I do if my school or college is closed?

    If your school or college/examination centre has to close, the exams officer will explain the situation to WJEC, and will no doubt contact you to let you know if they are making other arrangements, such as using an alternative location.

    Some centres may open for exams only, so it is worth visiting your school's or college's website or contacting them directly to check this.
  • What if I can't reach my school or college, even though it is open?

    You need to let your school or college know your circumstances. If the examination unit you were going to sit is available again, you will have the opportunity to sit it then, if your school or college agrees.

    If this is your last opportunity to sit an older unit (because the specification will have changed), your centre may apply for Special Consideration on your behalf.
  • I'm worried that I'll be late arriving at my exam, if I have transport problems. Does that mean I won't be able to take the exam?

    You need to make every effort to arrive at your examination centre on time, and to get there safely as soon as you possibly can, even if it looks as though you might be a little late. There is some leeway when, if you are late, you will still be allowed to sit your exam.

    Contact your school or college to let them know if you think you might be late, and make sure that you avoid contact with any candidates who may have come out early from your exam.

General Information

Please see the JCQ website for the Instructions for Conducting Examinations which apply to all awarding organisations concerning the conduct of examinations.

Severe Weather Questions and Answers for Exam Officers