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Frequently Asked Questions

Located below are some of the questions most frequently posed to WJEC by Parents and Students.

What does it mean on my Statement of Results when it says 'UMS Mark'?

UMS stands for 'Uniform Mark Scale'. The Uniform Mark Scale is used in unitised specifications as a device for reporting, recording and aggregating candidates' unit test performances. More information is available about the UMS for GCE exams, and the UMS for GCSE exams

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I have lost my Exam Certificate. Can I obtain a replacement?

Yes. On the Replacement Certificates page you can find all the necessary information and download an application form for a replacement certificate.

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How is the A* grade awarded at A level?

The A* grade is awarded at A level (GCE) from June 2010. It is awarded to candidates with a grade A at A level who obtain at least 90% of the total uniform marks available for the A2 units. More detail is available from the Office of Qualification and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) (this will open in a new browser window).

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I received my statement of results a short while ago. When will I receive my formal certificate?

We send certificates out as soon as possible. For exams sat in January, certificates should be received by examination centres in May and for those exams sat in May and June, certificates are sent in October. Please consult your exam officer for exact dates.

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Is it possible to see my marked exam paper?

Under the 'Access to Scripts' arrangement, any student is granted permission to have his/her examination script returned. For further information, please consult the Examinations Officer at your school or college.

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I am disappointed with my mark; Can I have it remarked by WJEC?

WJEC offers the remarking of papers but requests to do so must come via your examination centre. The most important thing to note before applying for a re-mark is that there are three possible outcomes: the mark can rise, be re-confirmed as correct or fall. Please consult with your Examinations Officer if you would still like to pursue this option.

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I am happy with my coursework result but I would like to view the marked work. Is this possible?

When your coursework mark has been finalised and you can no longer request a remark, your coursework can be released to you. This process must be conducted via the Examinations Officer at your school or college.

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My son has just received his results and the overall grade is disappointing. The grade was a D overall but under closer inspection it appears he had an A, B and E in the individual modules. Can we get an individual module remarked?

Modules can carry different weighting, so perhaps the lowest mark had a higher influence on the final grade than the other two modules.

It is possible to get an individual module remarked. You can request a copy of the marked exam from your Examinations Officer before deciding whether or not you wish to request a remark. Don't forget that results can go down as well as up or they can remain the same. If the scenario described above is true (i.e. the module with the lower mark has a higher weighting), if the module mark becomes lower, this may result in a lower grade for the overall subject. 

Any such requests must be made via your Examinations Officer. For a full list of services available please refer to our "Enquiries about Results" section and the JCQ "Post Results Services" booklet.

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My child has dyslexia and I am worried that this will have a negative effect on her exam performance. Can we apply for special consideration?

It is possible that the school your child attends will have already applied for what is called "Access Arrangements" if they are aware of the condition. Consult the school in the first instance, and ask to speak to the Examinations Officer as all applications must come via them. This can mean such allowances as being given more time to complete an exam.

There are also other situations where candidates may wish to apply for Access Arrangements. Any additional help provided to such students is not intended to give them an advantage, but to place them on an 'even playing field'.

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I have recently received a grade that is far lower than any grade I have received previously.  How can I be sure that all exams are marked consistently?

Regular standardisation meetings are attended by all examiners, instructing them how to consistently and accurately apply the mark scheme to every paper they mark.

Samples of papers from each grade are then checked by senior examiners to further ensure consistency in each examiner's work. If inconsistencies are found in the case of a particular examiner, a senior examiner will re-mark all papers marked by that examiner.

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How do I get access to my personal data? 

If you require a printout or letter confirming your qualifications for your own reference, please complete an Access to Personal Data form. For assistance in filling in this form, please refer to the applicant guidelines. This is in line with the Data Protection Policy. Please note, this is not an official document and is not usually accepted by employers, colleges or universities as evidence of your qualification results. This is not a replacement certificate. If you would like to replace a certificate because it has been lost, stolen, damaged or not collected please see https://www.wjec.co.uk/students/certificates/.

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Further questions

If you have any further questions you would like to ask us at WJEC, please e-mail them to us and we will do our best to answer them and publish the answers - feedback form

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