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Errors in Question Papers

If you are concerned about some of the news you've heard about errors in question papers, please don't worry. Last year a very tiny proportion of question papers were affected; the vast majority are completely error-free.

What to do if you find a mistake

If you do discover something in one of your question papers which you think is a mistake in the paper, please tell the invigilator as soon as you spot it - as quietly as possible, in order not to disturb other exam candidates.

If you think, after the exam, that there was an error in your question paper, please tell your subject teacher or the exam officer at your school or college as soon as possible. They will then let the relevant awarding organisation know.

What WJEC will do

Our main concern is always to ensure that all our candidates are treated fairly and that nobody is disadvantaged. We can make sure that this happens in a number of ways, depending on the potential impact an error could have.