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Welsh for Adults - Entry

This is the first examination level. You'll be ready to sit this exam after finishing the Cwrs Mynediad (WJEC), or half way through the Cwrs Wlpan.

There are several tests within the exam, testing the skills you've been learning in the Welsh class. More information is available in the booklet for candidates (bilingual) and details in the specification for tutors (Welsh) from this page.

The best way to ensure that you're ready to sit the exam is to look at the past papers and practise some of them with your tutor. Your tutor will be able to explain to you how to register, if you're learning on a course. If you're not on a course, there is a registration form at the end of the booklet for candidates.

Examples of the Mynediad Speaking test are available in these videos, and a commentary. There is one candidate from the south and one from north Wales.

Example 1 – Gareth and Alex (South)

Example 2 – Sharon a Brian (North)

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