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Higher Education

All Welsh Universities will include the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate in their offers.

Most other universities and most courses within universities also accept the SCC. Even the most competitive courses such as Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science will accept it as an alternative to an A level grade.

e.g. Medicine – Cardiff, Exeter, Leicester, Manchester, Plymouth, Southampton

Veterinary Science/Medicine – Bristol, Liverpool, Nottingham

Dentistry – Bristol, Cardiff

Offers for other courses can take on the following formats:

  • Accepted in a 3 grade offer as an alternative to an A level or vocational qualification. e.g. Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, LSE, Loughborough, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Southampton, UCL, York
  • Accepted as fourth grade (B or C) alongside a reduced 3 grade offer. e.g. Bath, Warwick
  • Accepted in tariff points offer. e.g Brighton, Chester, Edge Hill, Harper Adams, Hull, Liverpool John Moores, Manchester Met, Oxford Brookes, Plymouth, UWE

Oxford and Cambridge Universities may take a different approach as in their consideration of assessment for admission, they assess applicants holistically. Students are encouraged to draw upon relevant SCC experiences when writing their personal statement and should refer to them at interview, even taking a copy of their Individual Project with them. Generally the SCC is not included in their 3 A level grade offers, however, it may be used as part of an offer.

“The Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate) is unusual as a qualification whose content is in large part led by students themselves. We enormously value the self-motivation, curiosity and independent-mindedness this approach to learning develops. It is these characteristics, along with three excellent A-levels, that we look for at competitive universities like Oxford.”

Dr Matthew Williams, Access and Career Development Fellow
- Jesus College, Oxford

Getting Involved

Centres for assessment purposes will be able to amend generic Challenge Briefs produced by WJEC or produce their own which must be approved by WJEC before they can be used for the purpose of assessment.

Higher Education Institutions can become involved by:

  • training teachers and learners in research methods for the Individual Project;
  • producing Project Proposals linked to Degree courses;
  • holding learner conferences on global issues for Global Citizenship Challenge.

Positive Higher Education News April 2017

Alys Jones - former student of Ysgol Morgan Llwyd, Wrexham

Tracy Jones – Director of Sixth Form, St Richard Gwyn, Flint explains how her daughter, Alys has benefitted from studying the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification:

As Head of Sixth Form I have always been a fan of the Welsh Baccalaureate. I have always been able to recount stories of how it has helped the students at St Richard Gwyn to build skills and prepare for university and the world of work but this year I have a more personal story to tell. My daughter Alys Jones applied to Cardiff University to study journalism. Her offer and the usual offer for the course was ABB.

Alys studied History, Politics, English Literature and the Welsh Baccalaureate at A-Level and achieved A*AAB. Because of her three A grades, one of which was the A* in Welsh Baccalaureate she received a scholarship from Cardiff University worth £3000. Alys also applied for a pre-graduate placement at Scottish Power over the summer holidays.

As a student who has made her studies her job, apart from work experience placements in year 10 and 12 Alys had little experience of the world of work.

In the interview she was asked the usual types of questions “Can you give me an example of when you have worked as a member of a team?” and “When was the last time that you had to solve a problem”. Alys used examples throughout her interview of the experiences that she had and skills that she had built studying the Welsh Baccalaureate and was successful in gaining the placement as a result.

As a mother, teacher and a head of sixth form I whole heartedly support the Welsh Baccalaureate and the opportunities that it has provided my daughter and our students with and will continue to tell my stories.

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