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Pathways Work Welsh (from 2019)

Work Welsh

  • Teaching the new specification from September 2019
  • First assessment June 2020
  • Introduce the work and award for the first time Summer 2020

'Work Welsh' is a qualification that allows students to use their Welsh and to develop their bilingual skills within the workplace.

About This Qualification

Work Welsh

Work Welsh qualification includes 4 units, which require 20 hours of guided learning hours (GLH) per unit. Each unit is assessed internally by the centre through appropriate tasks/assignments; the work is standardised by the awarding board, WJEC. The qualification is available at Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 all within the context of providing services for customers through the medium of Welsh. The titles of the units are:

  • Unit 1 - Speaking Welsh in the Workplace
  • Unit 2 - Listening and Writing (new unit)
  • Unit 3 - Reading and Writing (new unit)
  • Unit 4 - Writing for a Purpose

The learners must complete at least three units of the same level in order to achieve the qualification. There will be two possible routes available for centres which include the following units to achieve the qualifications:

Route A Speaking: Speaking Welsh in the Workplace; Listening and Writing; Reading and Writing

Route B Writing: Writing for a Purpose; Listening and Writing; Reading and Writing

This gives the centres the flexibility to choose the most suitable units for their learners' needs.

Use of Simulation

Simulations can be aligned to a range of contexts which enable the learner to demonstrate competence and can be either a workplace or social context; whichever suits the needs of the learner. Please find more on this in the specification.

This vocational qualification is intended for Welsh speakers or learners who use the Welsh language to offer customer service professionals in the workplace. The aim is for students to use Welsh naturally and confidently when dealing with customers.

By following this qualification, students will be made aware of why using Welsh with customers is important in Wales today, and what language register is appropriate to use in different situations. They will also be able to deal effectively with customers through the medium of Welsh, and be able to react to various situations within the workplace.


Samples of work should be submitted to:

Nia Morgan
Welsh Domain
245 Western Avenue

Deadline: 12 December(January series)/ 4 May (June series)

Get In Touch

Subject Support Officer

Nia Morgan
029 2026 5192
Email Nia

Subject Associate Welsh Officer

Amanda Griffiths
029 2026 5480
Email Amanda

Additional Contact Details


029 2026 5193


029 2026 5024

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Yr Iaith Ar Waith Llwybrau Mynediad Adroddiadau Arholwyr Haf 2019

Principal Examiners' Report

The Summer 2019 Principal Examiners' reports provide feedback on this Summer's examination series. The reports include helpful observations and commentary on the work produced for this series and can assist teachers in preparing their students for the next examination series.

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