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Spanish GCE AS/A level (from 2016)

We have developed a reformed GCE AS/A level Spanish specification, approved by Qualifications Wales, for teaching from 2016. These qualifications meets regulatory requirements in Wales.

For centres in England, please visit the Eduqas website.

The window of assessment runs from 1 April 2020 to 15 May 2020 not 23 March to 8 May 2020 as previously cited. The online Examination Timetables and Internal Assessment Deadlines document has been updated and is available here.

Please see circular 22 for further information; the circular was sent to centres in September 2019.

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All course materials are available on our related documents page.

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Independent Research Project

Guidance for teachers preparing candidates for the Independent Research Project is now available. Click here to view the documents.

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Our Spanish  subject specialists are on hand to answer any of your queries.

Subject Officer

Karl Sage
029 2240 4296
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Subject Support Officer

Candice Dempster
029 2240 4296
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Subject Support Officer

Claire Williams
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WJEC GCE Spanish Examiners' Report Summer 2019

Principal Examiners' Report

The Summer 2019 Principal Examiners' reports provide feedback on this Summer's examination series. The reports include helpful observations and commentary on the work produced for this series and can assist teachers in preparing their students for the next examination series.

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