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Creative, Media and Performance Arts Entry Pathways

This qualification includes units for developing skills and knowledge in a range of subject areas, including:

  • Art & Design
  • Design & Technology
  • Drama
  • Media Studies
  • Music

Centres may choose to build the qualification around one subject area, e.g. Art & Design. Alternatively it is possible to build a qualification from a range of subject areas, e.g. Art & Design, Drama and Media Studies to give learners a more general experience. The full Units and Guidance Booklet is available to download.

The qualification is available at Entry 2 and 3.

Course Materials

All course materials are available on our related documents page.

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Assessment Guidance Grids

Assessment Guidance Grids are a handy tool that breaks down the Assessment Criteria for each Creative, Media and Performance Arts unit and highlights the difference between the two levels, the amplification content and examples of tasks all on one useful page (per unit). 

Download the Assessment Guidance Grids per subject area:

Art and Design (units 6306-6314)

Design and Technology (units 6220-6223)

Drama (units 6320-6323)

Media (units 6300-6302 & 6332-6334) 

Music (units 6340-6343)

Making Entries

There are no compulsory units. Candidates can be entered for any units within the Creative, Media and Performing Arts qualification that they choose. They need:

8-12 credits to achieve an Award

13-36 credits to achieve a Certificate

37+ credits to achieve a Diploma

Candidates must be able to provide evidence that they have met all the Assessment Criteria for every unit that they are entered for.

Candidates must not be entered for a unit if they have not met all the Assessment Criteria for that unit. If candidates are entered for a unit and are then unable to evidence that they have met all the criteria for that unit, you must withdraw the candidate

Entries Deadline
Submission Deadline
Winter Series
21st October
(Final date for amendments - 11th November)
12th December
Summer Series
21st February
(Final date for amendments - 18th March)
4th May

Submitting Work for Moderation 

Every unit of work that is submitted as part of the sample must include:

An Assessment Record Sheet (per candidate and unit)

Candidate Authentication Sheet (signed by candidate and teacher)

All Creative, Media and Performance Arts work sent to the WJEC for moderation must be copies only. For Design & Technology and Art & Design units, actual artefacts/products and related work should not be sent. Photographic evidence, with an indication of scale where appropriate, is all that is required.

N.B. Ring binders or individual plastic wallets should not be used.

Creative, Media and Performance Arts work sent to the WJEC for moderation will not be returned to centres after the moderation period; it is essential that you keep original work for your own records.

Further information on how to present work for moderation: guidance on submission of work.

Get In Touch

Subject Support Officer

Mike Saltmarsh
029 2240 4306
Email Mike

Art & Design
Subject Officer

Mari Bradbury
029 2240 4306
Email Mari

Design & Technology
Subject Officer

Steve Howells
029 2240 4306
Email Steve

Subject Officer

Wyn Jones
029 2240 4306
Email Wyn

Media Studies
Subject Officer

Wyn Jones
029 2240 4306
Email Wyn

Subject Officer

Rachel Edwards
029 2240 4306
Email Rachel

Additional Contact Details


029 2026 5193


029 2026 5024


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Entry Pathways Creative and Media Performance Arts Examiners' Report Summer 2019

Principal Examiners' Report

The Summer 2019 Principal Examiners' reports provide feedback on this Summer's examination series. The reports include helpful observations and commentary on the work produced for this series and can assist teachers in preparing their students for the next examination series.

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