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Special Requirements

Exams Access

Full details of the procedures to be followed for Access Arrangements and Special Consideration are contained in the JCQ documents 'Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments' and 'A guide to the Special Consideration process'. Copies of the documents and copies of all relevant forms can be downloaded in PDF format from the JCQ website.

Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments 

Some examination candidates may be entitled to certain arrangements, to support them whilst taking examinations.

A wide range of arrangements are available - e.g. provision of reader, scribe, extra time etc.

All applications for 'access arrangements and reasonable adjustments' should  be processed using the online system 'Access Arrangements Online' (AAO) used by all JCQ awarding bodies. AAO can be accessed from the WJEC secure website

Most of the applications submitted should be automatically approved on AAO. In cases where the application is not approved, AAO will allow the Responsible Officer to refer the application to the relevant awarding bodies for separate adjudication.

Special Consideration

Candidates whose performance in an examination is affected by circumstances beyond their control (illness, bereavement etc) may be entitled to Special Consideration. These procedures are common to all the General Qualification Awarding Bodies.

Special Consideration may be given to eligible candidates who are:

a. Present for an assessment but are disadvantaged,
b. Absent from a time-tabled assessment due to illness or other acceptable reason - this applies to the terminal series (cash-in candidates) only.

Centres should submit an application for both individual candidates and group requests using 'Special Consideration' online, accessible via WJEC's secure website. The original JCQ/SC FORM 10 should still be used for controlled (non-timetabled) assessments.  JCQ/LCW Form 15 should be submitted for lost centre-assessed work. Additional medical evidence should be submitted, where appropriate.

If you have any further queries relating to access arrangements and reasonable adjusments or special consideration please contact:

Modified papers:


Access arrangements (excluding modified papers), reasonable adjustments and special consideration:


Telephone: 029 2026 5155