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Registering your centre

In order to offer WJEC and Eduqas qualifications, your centre must be registered with WJEC. This process should be undertaken by the Examinations Officer at your centre and will allow you to enter your candidates and access our secure website.

Centres already in possession of a National Centre Number (NCN)

Please contact us using the details below to request an application form. Please provide your five digit centre number and information regarding the type of qualification(s) you wish to offer.

New centres or those not already in possession of a National Centre Number (NCN)

If you wish to offer GCSE, GCE, Entry Level, Vocational Awards & Certificates or Applied Awards & Certificates:

Please contact us to discuss your centre's requirements and we will advise you on the process which will involve the following:

  1. Please visit the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) website in order to familiarise yourself with the responsibilities of becoming an examination centre.
  2. Read carefully the following JCQ documents, and ensure that you meet all the requirements set out in them:

JCQ General Regulations

JCQ Instructions for Conducting Examinations

  • 3. Please complete the 'Are You Ready?' checklist contained in the General Regulations
  • 4. Contact us using the details below to begin the application process

If you wish to offer Entry Pathways or Language Pathways:

Please contact us using the details below to begin the application process.

Overseas Centres

WJEC will only accept applications for registration from overseas centres that are designated British Forces Overseas Centres or those located in British Overseas Territories. If you require further information about whether or not your centre is eligible for WJEC registration, please email centres@wjec.co.uk

Next Steps

Completed application forms can be returned to us by email or post using the details below. WJEC reserves the right to contact the JCQ inspection service and other awarding bodies for references and other information as part of the application process.

Your centre will be contacted regarding any queries, and we will send a letter to the Head of Centre to confirm registration.

Contact Us

Hannah Gardner
Telephone: 029 2026 5077

Kathryn Williams
Telephone: 029 2026 5089

E-mail: centres@wjec.co.uk

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