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Examination Timetables will be published well in advance of the examinations to which they refer. The official starting times for examinations are as follows:

  • Morning sessions: 9.00 am
  • Afternoon Sessions: 1.30 pm

Centres are permitted to vary these times within certain constraints.

Where candidates are entered for two or more papers timetabled for a given session and the total exam time is more than three hours, examinations can be moved to an earlier or later session on the same day. Steps must be taken  to ensure that the security of the examination is maintained at all times.

Where candidates are entered for three or more papers on the same day and the total exam time is more than 6 hours (GCE) or 5 ½ hours (GCSE or ELC), they may be allowed to take an examination on the following day, provided that the required security arrangements can be observed - see 'Timetable Clashes' for more information.

For detailed information on the application of these regulations and other information regarding examination timetables, please see refer to the booklet 'Instructions for Conducting Examinations'.