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All cases of suspected or actual malpractice must be reported to WJEC. If candidates commit malpractice they may be penalised or disqualified from the examinations.

In all cases of malpractice, centres are advised to consult the JCQ booklet Suspected Malpractice: Policies and Procedures

Whistleblowing Statement

If you believe you have witnessed malpractice in examinations and assessments your first port of call should be your Head of Centre who has a duty to investigate and report all such incidents. If you believe that you may be victimised by raising such issues with your Head of Centre or if you feel that your Senior Management Team is involved then you may wish to contact us directly.

Awarding bodies are keen that malpractice should be reported and would encourage anyone who has information regarding malpractice to come forward and report the matter. If you wish to remain anonymous, this will be respected, unless an awarding body is legally obliged to report the identity of the person making the allegation.

You must be aware that information supplied anonymously cannot be used as evidence. However, such information can form the basis of, or give probable cause for, an investigation; in order to support any potential investigation it is better if you supply all the information you have at one time, rather than add information later, if possible.

If you have information concerning malpractice you can contact WJEC’s Malpractice Team in writing or by telephone.

Malpractice Section
245 Western Avenue


Telephone: 029 2026 5400

In order for us to be able to effectively investigate it is helpful to have as much information as possible about the incident; to this end it is helpful if you can be specific regarding what the malpractice was, who perpetrated it, who benefited from it, when this took place, where, and who if anyone may have witnessed it taking place, if appropriate.

Additional information about making an allegation and malpractice can be found on the JCQ website.

Awarding bodies will not feedback the outcome of cases to persons making allegations. To do so would be to reveal privileged information which is often subject to the Data Protection Act.