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Errors in Question Papers

In the unlikely event that a centre identifies an error within a WJEC question paper, or within related assessment material, the exam officer should immediately contact one of these numbers at WJEC:

  • GCE A/AS level question papers: 029 2026 5336
  • GCSE question papers: 029 2026 5420
  • Other qualifications: 029 20265180

Please make sure that you have the following information to hand when you call:

  1. details of the suspected error, the number and name of the paper affected
  2. time within the examination session when the error was discovered
  3. initial indication of the way in which the error has affected candidates

On the basis of this information, WJEC will confirm whether or not an error has occurred and, if so, will immediately share this information with regulators.

Potential impact

As soon as we are aware of the potential impact of an error on candidates, we will be able to indicate in general terms how we will ensure fairness to all candidates.

Actual impact

Once all the scripts are marked, we will have a clear understanding of the actual impact, and will be able to confirm the specific steps we are taking to ensure fairness to all candidates. This information will be communicated to regulators before results for the affected examination are issued.

WJEC's communication plans

If an error is confirmed in a question paper, we will communicate in the following ways, as soon as possible:

  • communicate with the affected centres
  • contact the regulator in either Wales, England or Northern Ireland depending on where the error was first discovered

How we would decide on appropriate courses of action

Errors are rare and each occurrence is treated separately. In dealing with any errors, fairness to candidates would be uppermost in our minds. Options we would consider in various circumstances are outlined in the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) guidance note. 
Whichever procedure is used, WJEC ensures that no candidates are disadvantaged by circumstances outside their control.