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Each centre must ensure that there are sufficient invigilators in place to satisfy the regulations. Invigilators must be suitably qualified and experienced adults and cannot be students of the centre. Whilst it is for the centre to determine who is suitably qualified and experienced, any relative of a candidate in the exam room cannot be the sole invigilator of that examination.

Generally, one invigilator must be present for every 30 candidates. Where only a single invigilator is present, he/she must have suitable means of summoning assistance without leaving the exam room.

Invigilators must give their whole attention to conducting the examination and must not carry out any other task (e.g. marking) while the exam is in progress.

Centres must retain a signed record of the seating plan for each exam along with the centre's copy of each attendance register.

Additional regulations apply for those candidates with Access Arrangements.

Please refer to the JCQ "Instructions for Conducting Examinations" booklet for full details regarding Invigilation Requirements.