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Transferred Candidates

Transferred candidate arrangements may be requested in exceptional circumstances, principally where a candidate is unable to attend the home centre as a consequence of a serious medical condition or suspension/exclusion. If the WJEC is not satisfied that the security of the examinations will be maintained then the application will be refused.

Acceptable reasons for requesting transfers include the following:

  • illness/pregnancy prevents a candidate from taking the examination at the entering centre;
  • a candidate has moved house after entries have been made;
  • a candidate has been suspended/excluded from the entering centre;
  • a candidate is in the armed forces and has transferred to another base;
  • a candidate is representing the country at an International level in a sporting event;
  • a candidate has entries in different subjects involving more than one centre, giving rise to a timetable clash - see 'Timetable Clashes'

Unacceptable reasons for requesting transfers include the following:

  • a candidate's personal arrangements such as a wedding or holiday arrangements;
  • school field trips, exchange visits, work experience or gap year;
  • candidates requesting to sit examinations for units of Principal Learning or for Functional Skills at a different centre to that which made the original entry.

Application procedure

The application form JCQ/TC should be completed by the entering centre and then forwarded to the host centre for completion. Once completed by both centres, the forms should be sent to WJEC.

Examination Stationery

Examination Stationery for a Transferred Candidate will be sent to the Host centre at least one week prior to the date of the examination. If you have not received relevant stationary or for further information about transfer candidates please call:

GCSE: 029 2026 5019
GCE: 029 2026 5368