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Receipt of Question Papers

Question Papers

Question Papers and other confidential materials are issued in sealed boxes by WJEC and will normally arrive in centres at least two weeks, and certainly no less than one week before the relevant examination. If you are still awaiting papers for an examination which is due to take place within the following seven days please contact the office urgently.

Please refer to 'WJEC Key Dates' for information regarding the despatch of question papers.

On receipt, the contents should be carefully checked against the advice note, and stored securely until required. The office should be informed of any shortfalls immediately by email:


Also issued with the question papers will be copies of the relevant 'Examination Requirements' booklet. This booklet gives details of stationery and other requirements for each examination.

In the unlikely event of an emergency occurring (such as discovering on the day of an exam that you do not have the correct paper), please contact the office for advice on downloading the paper via WJEC's secure website.