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Internal Assessment - Submission of Marks


Most GCE & GCSE subjects include one or more internally assessed elements. A full listing of these components, along with detailed guidance on the assessment procedures can be found in the WJEC information booklet 'WJEC Internal Assessment Manual' or WJEC Eduqas information booklet 'Eduqas Internal Assessment Manual' which are produced annually.

Submission of marks and identification of samples

Once the candidates' work has been assessed, the centre's marks will need to be submitted to WJEC and samples despatched to the WJEC moderator.  

As soon as the entries for the series have been submitted and processed by WJEC, subject teachers will need to log on to the WJEC secure website (which will require a user account and password), and access the 'Internal Assessment Mark Input' function. A web-page will be available for each internally assessed unit/component for which the centre has entries, and this will be pre-populated with candidate names and numbers. Subject teachers then merely need to insert the marks for all candidates, and the system will automatically identify the sample candidates whose work is to be despatched to the moderator. In those centres where coursework marks are submitted by EDI, the marks will be automatically transferred to the subject web-pages, but subject teachers will still need to access the online system in order to (a) identify the sample candidates and (b) insert teaching group information (GCSE English/English Literature only). The name and address of the moderator allocated to the centre will also be displayed so that an address label can be printed.

The work for the sample candidates should then be despatched to the moderator by the published deadline, along with the relevant cover sheets.

Detailed guidance on the online system can be found by clicking the link at the foot of this page, and further information and support will be available on the various mark-input screens.

Moderator Reports

Moderator reports are made available on the day of results via the Internal Assessment Mark Input System (IAMIS).  These reports will be available to view and download according to the following time scale:

June examination series: reports available from results day until Christmas.

November examination series: reports available from results day until end of February.

January examination series: reports available from results day until end of May.