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Controlled Assessment FAQs

When will the controlled assessment tasks be issued to centres?

There isn't a single publication date. Full details are outlined in the relevant subject specification/teacher guidance. In some subjects, tasks have a one year shelf-life. Teachers must ensure that they use the current task for the year of submission.

Can controlled assessment tasks be completed in Year 10?

Yes - but teachers must ensure that the tasks used are current for the year of submission.

What are the deadlines for the submission of controlled assessment tasks to the moderator appointed by WJEC?

The deadline for the summer series is 5 May.  However, Geography (Unit 3), Humanities (Unit 4), Drama (Unit 1), English (Unit 3), English Language (Units 3 and 4b), and English Literature (Unit 3) have the earlier deadline of 24 March.

How should centres store work securely?

All assessment materials (including student work) should be stored securely within the centre, usually in a locked cupboard, throughout the assessment period. Work produced over several sessions must be collected at the end of each session and stored securely. Work produced electronically must be saved securely to ensure it can't be amended between sessions. Work stored on memory sticks must also be collected in after each session.

Should controlled assessment tasks be taken under usual examination conditions?

Supervision of controlled assessment tasks can be formal (high level of control), informal (medium level of control) or limited (low level of control), as detailed in the relevant specification. Please see section 4.1 of Instructions for Conducting Controlled Assessments (JCQ, 2017-18) for a detailed outline of the appropriate conditions for each of these categories.

How much feedback can be given to students during the controlled assessment period?

This depends on the level of control for the relevant stage of the assessment.
For subjects with high level of control (formal supervision), no teacher guidance is permitted.

For subjects with medium level of control (informal supervision), teachers can provide students with oral and written advice at a general level only. Students can revise work before submitting the final piece. Teachers must not provide specific advice on how to improve drafts to meet assessment criteria. There should be no detailed feedback on errors/omissions.

What reference materials are allowed during the controlled assessment sessions?

This will vary according to the subject. During high control sessions, the use of reference material is tightly controlled but there may be some differences across subjects.

For subjects with medium level of control (informal supervision), students may have access to any print/electronic resources that are available within the centre.

Further guidance is available via the relevant specification.

Should marking criteria be shared with students?

Yes. Students should be aware of the marking criteria.

If a student resits a controlled assessment task will he or she need to do a different assignment?

Yes. A student can resit a controlled assessment task, as long as the set task is still current for the resit year. However, work presented for the resit assessment must be new work. Students cannot present amended work that has previously been submitted.