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The Application process

If you are interested in becoming an Examiner or Moderator for WJEC, follow the steps below to apply:

1) Apply Online

All applications to become an Examiner or Moderator should be made online via the appointees site. To apply, simply create an account by providing your full name, email address and select a password and security question.

Details of referees are required at the point of application, so please ensure that you have all the information needed when starting the process.

Please note, applications are welcomed even if vacancies are not available at that specific time. Your application will be logged and referred to should a vacancy become available in future.

2) Provide References

Once submitted, your online application status will appear as "awaiting reference" on the site until your referees have completed your reference on the system.

3) Await Approval

Once we have received suitable references, your online application status will change from "awaiting reference" to "awaiting assessment". The status change will depend on the time taken to receive your references. We will then review your application in full and, if successful, your details will be added to our approved reserve list.

Apply Today

Successful Applications

If your application is successful and a suitable vacancy is available, we will send an email to the address specified in your application form to formally offer you the position for the upcoming academic year.

If you accept the position, you will be invited to a face-to-face Examiner meeting and further training materials will be provided.

If you decline the position, your application will remain in our approved reserve list and you may be contacted for the following academic year should a vacancy become available. If you do not wish to be contacted regarding future vacancies, please let us know and your details will be removed from the list.

Please view the Frequently Asked Questions for further information. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the application process, please email application.support@wjec.co.uk or call 029 2026 5457. Please note, our office hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.