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Automatic Enrolment

The Government has introduced new legislation to help more people have another income on top of the State Pension when they retire. This law requires WJEC to automatically enrol certain members of our workforce into a pension scheme and as an employer we will need to make a contribution towards it.

The law came into force for large employers from 2012 and smaller employers will follow. WJEC has to comply from 1st January 2014.

Examiners and moderators come into this category and are covered by the following quote from the Pensions Regulator.

“Workers either:

  • Work under a contract of employment (an employee)


  • Have a contract to perform work or services personally and are not undertaking the work as part of their own business.”

Although WJEC is not introducing automatic enrolment until 2014, preparatory work has to be carried out to ensure that the procedures and processes we have in place will allow us to comply with the legislation. We therefore felt it was important to start the communication process early to ensure individuals are kept informed throughout.

To comply with this legislation WJEC will need to collect additional data from all examiners and moderators. The data requirements have been set by the new legislation. Date of birth, National Insurance number, full forename(s) and your primary residential address will be mandatory requirements. Claims will not be able to be processed without this information.

Even if you are already in a private or occupational pension scheme automatic enrolment will apply to you. It will be based on age and earnings criteria with each employer. You do have the right to opt out and further details will be provided in due course. However it is essential that all appointees complete and return the additional details form.