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Safeguarding Policy

Policy Statement

WJEC is committed to applying the highest standards in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. WJEC works on the principle that the protection of children and vulnerable adults from harm is the responsibility of all board members, employees and appointees such as examiners and moderators.

‘Safeguarding’ and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults is defined as:

  • Protecting individuals from abuse and neglect
  • Preventing impairment of health and development
  • Ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care
… so as to enable them to have optimum life chances.

Policy Principles

WJEC has undertaken a risk assessment and developed principles and actions based upon the review of risk. This policy is underpinned by WJEC's detailed internal safeguarding procedure.

Our key principles are:

2.1 The well-being of a child or vulnerable adult is paramount and the most important factor in our decision making.

2.2 WJEC will not place any individual at harm through our recruitment processes. WJEC ensures that all relevant staff and appointees undergo a DSB(Disclosure and Barring Service) check and do not visit centres until a satisfactory outcome is received.

2.3 WJEC provides training and supporting information to ensure that all staff and appointees understand our safeguarding procedures and the requirement to report any concerns.

2.4 WJEC expects all employees and appointees to adhere to a code of behaviour when visiting centres.

2.5 All employees and appointees are required to act sensitively and observe complete confidentiality when dealing with issues related to safeguarding.

2.6 All data and information related to safeguarding is kept securely to ensure that confidentiality is always preserved. WJEC has assessed its procedure for storing safeguarding information against the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective from 25 May 2018. WJEC has also assessed and reviewed its procedure for sharing information with centres.

2.7 WJEC's Board and senior management team ensure that the Safeguarding Procedure is reviewed and is being implemented effectively, through reports provided.

2.8 WJEC carefully considers texts for study and performance to ensure that they are appropriate for the learner.

2.9 WJEC will inform a Head of Centre of concerns about the well-being and safety of a learner arising from any disclosures made, which may include details provided in their written or other work.

Monitoring and review of the policy

The policy will be reviewed at least annually or more frequently if there is a significant external or internal business change which impacts upon the policy. WJEC's Board and senior management are provided details of the review.

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Further information

For safeguarding queries, please e-mail ffion.lloyd@wjec.co.uk or phone 029 2026 5121.