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Relationships With Publishers

WJEC adheres to the Ofqual Conditions of Recognition (1 September 2014) and the JCQ Agreed Code of Practice on Awarding Body/Publisher relationships, January 2008
For publications where WJEC endorsement is sought, WJEC must:

  1. Be involved in discussions about these materials from the start;
  2. Agree the author(s) with the publisher. The publisher must use only authors approved in writing by WJEC.
  3. Have the opportunity to read, comment on, and insist on changes to the material prior to publication;
  4. Approve all materials before final endorsement.

  1. WJEC will, at its discretion, nominate a subject officer or independent subject specialist for the purpose of approval; remuneration for any independent subject specialist used will be arranged between this individual and the publisher
  2. The publisher and WJEC will agree a schedule for approval of materials. This will in most cases involve:
    • Approval of material outline / approach (including a sample section / chapter if requested);
    • Approval of text at second proof stage with all diagrams/index etc. in place.
    • Subject to agreement between publisher and subject officer, approval of complete text as supplied by author may take place between 1) and 2).
  3. The publisher will ensure that a minimum of two weeks turnaround is available for the WJEC to approve materials at each stage.
  4. The following statement should be prominently placed on all endorsed materials and associated advertising:
    This material has been endorsed by WJEC and offers high quality support for the delivery of WJEC qualifications. While this material has been through a WJEC quality assurance process, all responsibility for the content remains with the publisher.
  5. On publication the WJEC logo will be positioned and sized in such a way as not to suggest that the resource is published by WJEC, whilst making clear that it is an endorsed publication (e.g. “Endorsed by ..” followed by the logo).
  6. WJEC will not give permission to publishers to state the position of an author in relation to it or a particular syllabus/specification, other than by reference to their generic role (for example ‘a Senior Examiner’ or ‘a Principal Moderator’) or their experience.
  7. Publishers of endorsed resources must not market an endorsed resource in a way which implies that the resource contains privileged examiner insight or that its use is necessary for the successful completion of an assessment or qualification.
  8. WJEC must be given the opportunity to check any promotional material, including any accompanying letter. Neither should give the impression that the communication comes from WJEC. Therefore use of the logo and the design / layout will need to be checked carefully.
  9. WJEC will not distribute promotional material on behalf of publishers. However, it will publicise endorsed material in accordance with the Agreed Code of Practice
  10. In cases where provision of a Welsh-language version of a WJEC-endorsed commercially published resource is deemed to be an appropriate and cost effective means of supporting candidates following a WJEC specification through the medium of Welsh, WJEC will expect publishers to make available the rights to enable WJEC EITHER to commission a Welsh-language edition to be published under licence by a third party through tender OR to commission a Welsh-language translation or adaptation of a part or the whole of the English-language edition to be published under licence in digital form.