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WJEC considers that there are significant advantages that can be gained in terms of the efficiency and effectiveness of moderation processes when students' portfolio work is able to be accessed digitally. As well as its general relevance in relation to “coursework” assessments, this is particularly relevant within the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification, including the Essential Skills Wales and Wider Key Skills elements. WJEC is therefore collaborating with three systems which are designed to allow WJEC moderators to access students' work as “e-portfolios”.

In taking these collaborative developments forward, WJEC seeks to ensure that the arrangements are appropriate in terms of system access and security; usability and accessibility; bilingualism (in Wales); candidate progress; cross-referencing (where relevant); audit trail; archiving, retention and back-up. This is being pursued through a process of approval and accreditation.

The three current collaborative arrangements are with (i) Bright Sparks, (ii) Cwmni Cynnal, (iii) Deeside College (ULCC). From the perspective of WJEC's moderation processes, these solutions are considered to be equivalent to each other. Therefore, centres who are in a situation of needing to make a choice between the systems are likely to do so on the basis of other considerations which relate to their investments in learning platforms.

A common feature of these solutions is that our moderators are able to view students' work at that digital location where the work is held within the system. For situations where centres choose not to use solutions of this kind, WJEC is developing a facility for centres to upload into WJEC's secure website those elements of a student's work that are available digitally and are required for moderation or external assessment.

The current status of our collaborations are as follows:

  • Bright Sparks
    Currently at the testing/evaluation stage with a view to completion at the earliest opportunity
  • Moodle (Cynnal)
    Evaluation/Endorsement complete with launch/training events held during October 2011
  • Moodle (ULCC)
    Evaluation/Endorsement complete with launch/training event held during November 2011

WJEC would welcome approaches from other system providers if they are interested in working with us on e-portfolio solutions.

For further information please contact the WJEC e-Portfolios support team on 02920 265338 or email e-portfolios@wjec.co.uk